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Total daily collection (minimum RM0.01) shall be deposited automatically into the authorized bank account, on the next business day (UTC+08:00 Kuala Lumpur), except for Federal holidays. 

For example:

(i) Monday (collection day) > Tuesday (payout day)

(ii) Tuesday > Wednesday

(iii) Wednesday > Thursday

(iv) Thursday > Friday

(v) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday > Monday

Payout day shall be on the next business day if the payout day falls on a Federal holiday. The next day means anytime between 00:00–23:59.

Please note that, occasionally, you may experience a 24-hour delay due to the bank's maintenance schedule.

📌 Disclaimer: The Payout will be subjected to MEPS-IBG (local bank direct debit service), which will take between 1 to 2 business days to complete the payment transfer from Billplz to the merchant’s beneficiary account.

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