How To Create Modifiers

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Last Update 2 tahun yang lalu

1. Open your web browser (eg: Google Chrome) and type in link

2. Type in your Email and Password that have been registered with Getorders.

3. Click Sign In

4. Go to Products.

5. Choose one product to set up a modifier. 

    Example: Choose Aqina Chicken Drumstick

6. Click Modifiers.

7. Click Add New Modifier Set

8. Type in the Modifier Set Name

    Example: Drumstick Set

9. Click Add New Modifier For This Set.

10. Type in the Modifier Name.

       Example: Large, Medium, Small 

11. Click Save.


To choose modifier mode: 

Instruction: Give extra instructions without any addition or deduction

Top Up: Added certain amount to product price

Deduct: Deduct certain amount to product price (by RM)

Discount: Deduct certain amount to product price (by percentage)

12.  Every time changes have been made, you need to go to Settings and click Save.

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